September 15, 2019

Have you gotten that out of your system?

Have you?

I do feel rather wrung out, at least for the time being. I’m sure that burning import will come crashing down on me before too long.

I’ll be there.

And until then?

I’ll be here.

Of course.

Until then, I have questions.

Ask away.

Do not put this analysis paralysis on me. Roll a die. Flip a coin. We’ve got a list to choose from. Or, perhaps, you should choose something that’s actually on your mind.

You said you have questions.

You’re the one with questions. Point me toward one, and I will ask it.

Helpful, as always.

Not my department.

Fine. Weight? Surgery? Dyskinesia?

Tell me about the dyskinesia and the tic and the akathesia. Tell me about St. Vitus' Dance. Tell me about the aching necessity of movement.