Signing party!

June 9, 2020

Monday! Monday, I get the next box of ally books, which means SIGNING PARTY WITH MADDYPAWS.

That’s right. If you missed the launch party, I’ll be hosting something similar while I sign the next batch of books. Readings, typesetting, discounts, nerding out…


And what?

And what is the other reason you’re having another party?

Caught out.

Well, there’s some hugely important shit going on out there in the world, and I really don’t want to take away from that. I can’t help very well right now, given my situation, other than to not take away from the struggles others are facing. The least I could do was make room for it while still doing what I could to share my book. That Monday was pretty rough for a lot of folks.

Fair enough. So, another set of readings?


If I’m unable to do so at bookstores, I suppose I can have a little virtual book tour.

Please join me on Monday, June 15th at 6pm Pacific for a short get-together over Picarto and Discord! We’ll have all sorts.

There we go.

Until then, please stay safe and stay healthy. Black lives matter, make room for black voices, and keep learning from those who have stuff to teach.