Catastrophically Maddy

September 2, 2019

You seem to be working ever close to some platonic perfection of what means to be Maddy.

Yeah, this is one of those things where I seem to have looped all the way around from being proud of a work to being vaguely ashamed of it.

It’s not bad, it’s just very Maddy. Intensely Maddy. Catastrophically Maddy.


So for those who are keeping track of all the goofy ergodic shit I do with my friend here–

Ally, not friend.

Right. So for those who are keeping track, so far we have had:

It’s time to take that one step further, so the next section is told through git commits for the source code for this site.

When do we get an ARG? And I’m still waiting on transclusion, by the way.

Give it time.

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